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Why Replace?  Repair!

ASR proudly offers services for residential and commercial properties.  Whether you are renting out or selling your property, building a new home or just remodeling, ASR can make those unattractive blemishes fade away.

We repair cracks, scratches, chips, holes, etc., on most all interior and even some exterior surfaces.

Our services are hassle free and very cost effective.  We offer free estimates and can schedule any time that is convenient for our customers.  No waiting for new items to be shipped or installed.  Our repairs can be made in 2 hours or less.  If ASR is unable to repair the damage, we will advise on what steps can be taken to remedy the situation.

Alvin's can repair a variety of surface materials.

In a home or place of business, during construction, a remodel or in everyday use, the tubs, showers, sinks, toilets, tile, etc. can get damaged. 


We can repair: 

Porcelain/enamel coated tubs, toilets, tile and sinks.

Ceramic tile and sinks. 

Acrylic tubs and hot tubs.

Fiberglass tubs, tub/shower units and hot tubs.

Composite tubs, sinks, window and door frames.

Various types of stone, vinyl, and resin tile.

And more...just ask!

Most repairs can be done in less than 2 hours and a small fraction of the cost to replace.


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