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Alvin's Surface Repair is a Veteran-owned small business serving all of Middle Tennessee.

Our main goal is to solve unsightly surface problems, in a timely manner, thus eliminating the stress, hassle and extreme costs of replacing that which is damaged.  We also understand deadlines, our customer's busy schedules and the importance of making such repairs before they become a bigger issue.  We work on your schedule, not our own.  The relationships we have with our customers are a top priority.  Whether you are a property manager, contractor, homeowner or realtor, your repair needs will take precedence over our weekends and even holidays.  

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Your Safety

Safety and respect are of great importance to us. We will remove your items, we will cover floors, countertops, cabinets, shelving, etc., before we begin working in any area to reduce settling dust and respect your home or business.  When the job is done, we uncover, clean and leave the space how we found it.  Once a repair is made and has cured completely, we guarantee the safety of the areas repaired.

Our Guarantee

We, at Alvin's Surface Repair, wish to assure our customers with the promise that, should any repair be poorly done, not hold up or not fix the problem, we will make it right.  You will be scheduled at your earliest convenience, guaranteed.

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