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Before & After


Acrylic tubs, showers, sinks, hot tubs, etc., are high gloss and vary in color and thickness depending on what brand and where you buy.  We can repair all varieties.  

acrylic tub dam before.jpg
acrylic tub dam after.jpg
acrylic tub corner 3 before.jpg
acrylic tub corner 3 after.jpg
acrylic tub dam 1 before.jpg
acrylic tub dam 1 after.jpg
acrylic tub corner 1 before.jpg
acrylic tub corner 1 after.jpg
acrylic tub black floor 2 before.jpg
acrylic tub black floor 2 after_edited.jpg
acrylic tub black floor 1 before.jpg
acrylic tub black floor 1 after.jpg
acrylic tub corner 2 before edited_edited_edited.jpg
acrylic tub corner 2 after edited.jpg
acrylic tub edge 1234 before edited.jpg
acrylic tub edge after.jpg


Many items in the home and workplace can be made out of composite.  Tubs, window and door frames, deck and fence boards...the list can go on and on.  We can not only repair, but match the color.

composite shower before.jpg
composite shower after.jpg
composite tub 1 before.jpg
composite tub 1 after.jpg
vinyl door after 2_edited.jpg
vinyl window before.jpg
vinyl window after.jpg


Whether it is porcelain enameled cast iron or enameled steel, it can still get damaged.  60 years old or brand new, we can repair it.

steel enamal tub 4 before.jpg
steel enamal tub 4 after.jpg
porcelain tub bad repair before.jpg
porcelain tub bad repair after.jpg
steel enamal tub 2 before.jpg
steel enamal tub 2 after.jpg
porcelain tub 1 before.jpg
porcelain tub 1 after_edited.jpg
porcelain sink 1 before.jpg
porcelain sink 1 after.jpg
porcelain sink 2 before.jpg
porcelain sink 2 after.jpg


Gelcoat fiberglass tubs and tub-shower units are extremely common in most homes.  What we are able to fix would surprise most.

fiberglassgelcoat bone before.jpg
fiberglassgelcoat bone after.jpg
fiberglassgelcoat wall before.jpg
fiberglassgelcoat wall after.jpg
fiberglassgelcoat 1 before.jpg
fiberglassgelcoat 1 after_edited.jpg
fiberglassgelcoat tub 6 before.jpg
fiberglassgelcoat tub 6 after.jpg
fiberglassgelcoat tub 5 before.jpg
fiberglassgelcoat tub 5 after_edited.jpg
fiberglassgelcoat tub 1 after_edited.jpg
fiberglassgelcoat tub 4 before_edited.jpg
fiberglassgelcoat tub 4 after.jpg
fiberglassgelcoat 7 before.jpg
fiberglassgelcoat tub 7.jpg

Grout, Caulk and Tile

Even when a project is done right, things can go wrong, or it doesn't turn out as expected.  That is where we come in.

steel enamal tub 3 before.jpg
steel enamal tub 3 after.jpg
shower grout before.jpg
shower grout after.jpg
ceramic tile 1 before.jpg
ceramic tile 1 after.jpg
quartz countertop before.jpg
quartz countertop after.jpg
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